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Taxman is a Platform for Consultants, Certified Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts and Government Officers, from all round the globe, who have an expertise in taxation & legal framework related to Cryptocurrencies.

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About Us

Taxman are Global Consultant, Certified Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts and Government Officers who expertise in taxation and legal frameworks related Crypto Currencies, Hedge Funds, Company Incorporations, International Business, Audit and Filing, Foreign Company and Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC). We Provide Complete Consultation and Services including Execution Process. We work with government agents and officers and with our robust processes developed in house we bring to our clients accurate and authentic results and services. With Over 7000 Experts from across the globe we bring you content that is updated and most accurate for global services.

Crypto Currency and Crypto Based Business Legality is quite complex across the globe and so is the taxation on crypto. While Crypto can be complex, Tax remains our expertise and our close connects with government help us understand policies better and give right solution to both - Our Clients and Government. We strongly believe in the power of Blockchain and crypto and at the same time we do not intend to use crypto for bypassing government fee / charges and taxes. We believe taxes are very important part of any nation and must be paid on time. Yes we do understand in some nation tax policies are not well refined and may come out as a burden on the individuals and corporates. In any case we create right solutions for the clients to save their money at the same time pay appropriate taxes under the law. .


We expertise in legal and financial space. We draft custom strategies for our clients to get them best results .


Our Implementation process undergo an in-house developed system to ensure legal and tax spaces are not missed out .


We track our systems and process physically and using AI making a unique Bionic System to get best results.

Our Services

We are not blochchain or any crypto currency exchange. Our Services are more towards legal format. We ensure Legal Financial Systems are in place while making an exchange transaction using the current currency exchanges..

Our Experienced Team

team Amar Doshi Operations Officer

Young Entrepereneur with masters in international Business.

team Mitesh Thaker Marketing Officer

Young Entrepreneur with masters in marketing and Public Relations.

team Vinit Agarwal Financial Officer

Young Entrepreneur and a Chartered Accountant mastering in finance.

team Gabriel Loo Legal Officer

Company Secretary and Legal Expert.

team Abhishek Agarwal Legal Officer

Chartered Accountant and Legal Expert.

team Comming soon Legal Officer


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